Modern industrial parks in East Estonia with grant possibilities up to 10 million Euro
0,2M € per one job (FTE) created
Aid percentage: 20% for large companies, 30% medium, and 35% for small companies per project
Come be part of historic change and help turn East Estonia from oil shale dependency to a modern and green economy
Up to 10 MEUR grant per company available for new industries coming to East Estonia, total funds 350 MEUR
Green transition epicenter of the Baltic Region
Other grants available: research and development, training/retraining, etc.
September 15, 2021
IVIA – Ida-Viru Industrial Areas – a government foundation for attracting new industries to East Estonia
Our main goal is to sustain and create jobs in Ida-Viru County while transitioning from oil-shale dependent economy to more green and clean industries. For this we have 5 fully developed modern industrial parks for a variety of industries – logistics, machinery, clean-tech, renewable energy, chemical, etc. We target sustainable, dynamic, innovative companies who understand and value circular economy.
10 years of experience
in helping companies settle and expand on the EU-Russia border
5 industrial parks
for various industries
300 hectares of land
with fully developed infrastructure and communication lines
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Moving or expanding operations from your current location to a country with lower expenses (lower cost of land, labor, utilities, transportation, etc.)
A business model that includes trade between EU and Russia
Near-shoring or moving operations from Asia closer to home reducing transportation cost and delivery times
Soft landing services free of charge
Competitive electricity price with a direct line from the power plant
Possibility to be part of East Estonia's green transition with the help of the EU and regional grants and subsidies up to 10 MEUR
Plots on modern, fully developed industrial parks with all necessary infrastructure and communication lines ready starting at 10€/ m²
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Simple and favorable tax system
  • Corporate income tax on reinvested profits 0%
  • Corporate income tax on distributed profits 14-20%
  • Personal income tax 20%
  • Value added tax (VAT) 20%
  • Property tax 0%
  • Land tax 0,1-2,5%

Innovative – Estonia is the most advanced digital society in the world, where 99% of state services are online. It is the first country to introduce a cross-border digital identity - e-Residency. Estonians are known for their pragmatic approach to tech and a culture to innovate.
Flexible – Estonia is a small country with an agile mindset. We are used to finding solutions and making decisions. Our workforce is highly qualified.
Competitive and transparent – Estonia is a politically stable country with low government debt and highly developed cyber-security. Doing business in Estonia is predictable, with low levels of corruption and paperless processes.
Fast – Estonia is known for low red-tape and result-driven mindset. We are global leaders in economic activity. It is a perfect testbed to try out new ideas.
Starting from 10€/m²,
excluding VAT
The price includes infrastructure and communication connections to the plot – roads, central heating or gas line, fiber optic internet cable, water, sewage, electricity lines. Not included is the connection to power provider, which depends on how much power you need.

Also included in the price are soft landing services – we help you register a company in Estonia, get e-Residency, register at the tax office, build a network, connect you with local government officials, etc. We cater our services to your company's needs.
Industrial parks of East Estonia
Narva Kadastiku \ Kulgu
Narva Kadastiku \ Kulgu
Reference companies in our industrial parks and other foreign companies in East Estonia
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Water purification and filtering systems for the global market – 3 production facilities with 600 employees, total investments of 30 MEUR.

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves was at Aquaphor to open their second production facility in 2014: "The water filters produced in Narva will be firstly exported to the European Union countries and then to the US and Canada. As Aquaphor's Estonian subsidiary Westaqua Invest said, the geographical location and lack of customs barriers solves all logistical problems and helps shorten delivery times."

Aquaphor invested 20 MEUR in production expansion with the help of Large Investor Support Scheme in 2018.
Aquaphor International
"The business climate is good here. Serious attitude toward work, responsible workforce – regarding what is taught here from an early age, Estonia can even be compared to Finland, Sweden, and Germany.
Joseph L. Shmidt
Subcontracting solution provider for heavy equipment market –

Fortaco expanded their production facilities in Narva in 2020 by adding 10 000 m2 of space: "The government of Estonia has helped Fortaco's production expansion with close to one million Euro through the Ida-Viru Industrial Investment support scheme. The company itself invested almost 10 million Euro."
Fortaco Group
Starting your business in Estonia
We help you start your business and operations in Estonia – consulting is free of charge. Depending on the needs of your company, you can set up operations in 12-18 months from investment decision.

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Submitting grants & subsidies applications

Selection of contractors

Architectural plans and drawings

Obtaining permission to build
Planning phase, project start
Drafting of business plan

E-Residency, establishing a company

Opening a bank account, registering the VAT number

IVIA board's decision on land sale
Purchase of land
Starting operations
Signing of Letter of Intent
Signing of Purchase Agreement
Begin building
Begin operations
Evaluation and decision-making phase
Visit to Estonia

Project introduction

Meet with banks/funds

Negotiations with construction companies

Meeting with employment services
Purchase and installation of equipment

Search for and training of personnel

Obtaining building usage permit

Adjustment of technological processes
Introduction of industries in East Estonia
Introduction of services for foreign investors in East Estonia
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